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Canada’s 42nd Parliament

November 30, 2015

Support anti-slaughter legislation-keep horses safe! #Yes2Safe

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

When the 42nd parliament opens on December 3, all Members of Parliament in Canada’s new government will have something to ponder in their mail boxes.  The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition recently sent all MPs this post card below to both acquaint them and remind them of Canada’s horse slaughter industry.


It is extremely important that each and everyone of us also take a few minutes to email respective Members of Parliament.  If you don’t know who your representative is, you can find who they are here.

It is also important that you meet with your MP as well, if possible.  Tell them you do not support Canada’s horse slaughter industry and do not want your tax dollars funding this cruel and unsafe practice.  You are welcome to use any of the CHDC’s links and investigations found on our web page, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Remember – if…

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New Toronto Eatery “Parcae” Offering Horsemeat And Other Cruel Specialties

November 23, 2015

You are what you eat…


Banksy slaughterhouseWritten By:  Heather Clemenceau

As an Anglophone from Quebec, it’s sometimes second nature to make fun of Quebecois chefs who not only make endorsements for eating horse in particular, but also promote other rather disgusting, gross, or cruelly derived animal products. Toronto restaurants in particular, are well known for flouting food safety regulations for the sake of flavour – raw horse and pork are readily available, even though Ontario’s Health Protection and Promotion Act, frowns on raw meat in general, and requires that pork in particular must be served well-done.

The Templar Hotel has a new resto – Parcae, serving horse, bone marrow, sea urchin, and other notably and unapologetically cruel foods. The restaurant follows the “nose to tail,” method of preparing their cuisine, which has been said to include “everything but the oink.” Naturally, places such as this appeal to nihilistic gastromaniacs who like to patronize restaurants based on Instagram pics. Somewhat…

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