Time for Change, Time for Hope

With Harper GONE there is real hope horse slaughter will end in Canada. Justine Trudeau loves horses.

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

1475823_225004037680320_1135087019_nA Liberal firestorm swept the country last night as voters joined a nation-wide effort to rid Canada of Stephen Harper’s dictatorial rule.  “Stop Harper” became a topic of conversation in the months and weeks leading up to one of the most memorable election nights in Canadian history.  Indeed, the voting public managed to put an end to a stubborn and frankly scary regime that appeared to be swallowing up more and more of our rights as Conservative policies were hammered into place over the years. 
Environmental and animal welfare concerns were definitely not on Mr. Harper’s to-be-considered list, and this fact reared its ugly head numerous times.  When Member of Parliament Alex Atamanenko introduced a bill that would have stopped horse slaughter, as well as the export of live horses for slaughter, the Conservatives were largely opposed.  Then, when Bill C-571 came up for a vote in May 2014, all…

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