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Important! Survey Participants Requested for Horse Welfare Study At Guelph University

March 21, 2015

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

SurveyThe University of Guelph is a public research university and veterinary school in Canada.  In this survey you are given the opportunity to offer your opinion on your own standards of horse care, changes you would like to see in the marketplace, and the type of governance that you see as beneficial to horse welfare in Canada. You must be a Canadian resident in order to participate.

Surveys such as these are important not only to help graduate students with their work, but to help formulate policy on horse welfare standards in Canada. There are several opportunities to add your own comments and a large free-form text field at the end to include any relevant paragraphs that you would like to add. You will have the opportunity to comment on horse slaughter as well.

From the Survey:

Industry views of the prevalence and perception of horse welfare issues in Canada

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New Advocate Against Horse Slaughter? Start Here….

March 21, 2015

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

16 159Overview and Brief History of Horse Slaughter in Canada (for newcomers to the advocacy movement)

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) is a collective of people and national groups that have joined forces in order to ban the slaughter of equines for human consumption in Canada, as well as the export of live horses to other countries for the same purpose.  The slaughter industry is a predatory one;  from the time the horse is acquired by a “kill buyer,” he or she is “meat on the hoof” and is treated as a mere commodity.  Travel to slaughterhouses may take days without food or water, followed by an often painful and slow death by captive bolt or .22 rifle. The CHDC has reported, in four investigative reports conducted over several years, that rampant cruelty is endemic in Canadian horse slaughter plants.

Press Exclusive Dec 2012 Press Exclusive – Rescued from slaughter

In addition,  the horses that enter the…

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