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Two Killed in Same Indiana Race

October 17, 2014

Horse racing is now a race to DEATH…stop racing babies & horses with injuries…

Horseracing Wrongs

At first blush – which is typically the only blush we get – the only thing extraordinary about last night’s 8th at Indiana Grand is the busy ambulance:

“PLATITUDE chased the early pace then was injured at the top of the stretch and lost the rider then was vanned off. MASARU was two wide then fell over a fallen rival and was vanned off. MONTEZUMA EXPRESS between rivals then clipped heels and fell suddenly in the middle of the turn and was vanned off.”

But in fact, two of the three van-offs – 4-year-olds Masaru (trainer, Steve Asmussen) and Platitude (trainer, Tim Glyshaw) – are dead, felled in separate incidents. And here’s another shameful fact: We know of these deaths only because a jockey was also killed in that race (which, of course, garnered media coverage).

The last moments of three lives (“Race Replays,” Indiana Downs, Oct 14, race 8):

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Intelligent Girl Dead at Remington

October 17, 2014

Racing BABIES is cruel & life threatening…

Horseracing Wrongs

I have confirmed that 3-year-old Intelligent Girl is dead after breaking down in last Saturday’s 1st at Remington Park. In her penultimate start on September 18th (also at Remington), Intelligent Girl “was never close,” finishing last of 7, 20 lengths back. A portent? Perhaps, but we’ll never know. The filly was trained by JR Caldwell, owned by Carol Nichols, and bred by Morgan’s Ford Farm.

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Bringing Racing Truth to Light

October 5, 2014

Horseracing Wrongs

Dead horses are bad for business. So, out of self-preservation – and despite calls for transparency, some from within – the industry does all it can to hide its dead, a truth further illustrated in a recent Erie Times-News article on Pennsylvania deaths. Through a right-to-know request, the paper was able to secure information on Presque Isle’s just-completed meet (5/11-9/25). It found that 13 horses lost their lives, 10 while racing. A review of our weekly casualties reveals 14 horses from that meet suffering some sort of negative outcome:

Cryptolight, May 14, vanned off
Between Dreams, Jun 7, fell, DNF
My Jordy, Jun 17, broke down
Kissnatalie, Jul 9, “stopped badly in the stretch”
Miss Stellsie, Jul 24, “fell over backwards,” DNS
Patinka, Jul 30, broke down
Kings Tuesday, Jul 30, fell, DNF
Casanova Kiddo, Jul 30, fell, DNF
Be a Pro, Aug 25, broke down
Scealeile, Aug 25, fell…

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An Open Letter to Animal Rights Advocates

October 4, 2014

Kirschner's Korner

To All the Animals Rights Advocates in the World,

I often hear people dismiss animal advocates as radical or fanatic. In some circles, the term has a negative connotation like “hippie” or “emo.” Fortunately, as people learn the truth about animal agriculture, the fur trade, seaquariums, the circus, experiments on animals, and other acts of cruelty, the perception changes. As advocates, it’s important for us to communicate our message in a way that aspiring advocates find welcoming and plausible. That is our challenge. As with any movement, before the sensibility of it has been fully realized, resistance abounds.

Where does some of the rage and impatience originate in animal rights advocates? It’s largely rooted in the fact that the reasons for which we changed are problems that can be solved. As soon as people decide make simple changes in their lives, they can transition from someone who contributes to land degradation, water and air pollution…

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