16 Dead Horses at Del Mar: Just a “Strange, Weird Thing”

It is weird that the powers to beare doing nothing about changing these horrific stats…

Horseracing Wrongs

In a recent U-T San Diego article, the president of the Thoroughbred Owners of California called the Del Mar summer a “Murphy’s Law meet.” And Joe Harper of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club described it as “a strange thing, weird.” They were, of course, referring primarily to a stack of dead horses. (By the way, it’s likely the deaths slowed because of amped-up diligence after the initial rash. Harper: “I also think that more people are aware of the damage that the publicity [from horse deaths] can do to you. I think more people are being more cautious on sending horses out.” Which begs the question: Why wasn’t extra care taken in the first place?)

4-year-old Corlett Drive, July 13, training
4-year-old Kokaltash, July 17, race 5
2-year-old Mont Saint Michel, July 24th, found dead in stall
3-year-old Dance With Fate, July 24, training
4-year-old Yes She’s Unusual

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