The Humane Euthanasia – Killing – of Manda Moo

Horse do not need to suffer for our entertainment or as our personal money makers…

Horseracing Wrongs

There is a reason why 90% of racing’s kills are reported as “broke down,” as opposed to “humanely euthanized” or some form thereof: The latter is so jarring, so definitive, so final – dead. Still, that phrase – “humanely euthanized” – is its own kind of deception, obscenity even: The racers, because horses are patently nonconsenting participants, force an animal into an act that causes him to break – and suffer – and then claim the high ground by giving said animal a “humane,” merciful death. How twisted and so very sordid.

As Parx is one of a small handful of tracks to disclose definitiveness, we can report the humane euthanasia of 3-year-old Manda Moo in yesterday’s 8th race – jockey Maria Remedio, trainer Patricia Farro, owner Andrew Sulley, and breeder Robert LaPenta.

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