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The Humane Euthanasia – Killing – of Manda Moo

August 27, 2014

Horse do not need to suffer for our entertainment or as our personal money makers…

Horseracing Wrongs

There is a reason why 90% of racing’s kills are reported as “broke down,” as opposed to “humanely euthanized” or some form thereof: The latter is so jarring, so definitive, so final – dead. Still, that phrase – “humanely euthanized” – is its own kind of deception, obscenity even: The racers, because horses are patently nonconsenting participants, force an animal into an act that causes him to break – and suffer – and then claim the high ground by giving said animal a “humane,” merciful death. How twisted and so very sordid.

As Parx is one of a small handful of tracks to disclose definitiveness, we can report the humane euthanasia of 3-year-old Manda Moo in yesterday’s 8th race – jockey Maria Remedio, trainer Patricia Farro, owner Andrew Sulley, and breeder Robert LaPenta.

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M B and Tee Whipped to Her Death at Saratoga

August 22, 2014

Racing is now a blood sport…congrats to all who support this disgusting treatment of such honest atheletes

Horseracing Wrongs

From Saratoga’s 7th this afternoon: “[3-year-old] M B and Tee…held on safely [for the first place share of an $83,000 purse], then fell heavily after crossing the wire and was euthanized.” On the track. Here are this pathetic creature’s last two minutes on this planet (hit “Race Replays,” Thursday, Race 7). Please note: the kill is captured at around 2:20; the announcer utters not a word on the matter. Not a word.

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One last thought: Though comfortably out front in the stretch, jockey Junior Alvarado felt it appropriate to continue whipping his mount – right to her death. M B and Tee was trained by Dominick Schettino, owned by MeB Racing, and bred by EH Beau Lane.

To those who wager on horseracing, we implore you to reconsider. And ultimately, you hold all the cards: no more bets, no more races; no more races, no more kills. And – no…

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Called-Out Comment: Is William Ty Irby Trolling Me?

August 7, 2014

Called-Out Comment: Is William Ty Irby Trolling Me?.  The big lick cripples horses…

The Dirty, Low-Rent Ethics of the “Big Lickers”

August 4, 2014

The Dirty, Low-Rent Ethics of the “Big Lickers”.   Read this & weep for the horses..