The Great Canadian Horse Meat Scandal – A Political Affair (Part 2)

The Conservative Government of Canada led by Stephen Harper is slowly loosing credibility around the world when it comes to their Agricultural policies.

Tuesday's Horse


Part 2
A Political Agenda

Getting back to politics, some may ask why the defeat of Bill C-571 has political connotations. Then again every nation has its government that brings with it corruption and conflict of interest with the very people it governs.

Democracy is an antiquated term, at least in the world as we know it. Canada is no different under the leadership of Steven Harper and his merry band of Conservative cronies.

The defeat of Bill C-571 was a blow to Canadian democracy (a majority of Canadians oppose horse slaughter), the American public whose horses continue to suffer at the mercy of Canadian slaughter plants and the nations of people who consume unsafe horse meat products. The only people celebrating are those few at the top who will gain even more profit and control over our politics, economies and lives.

A closer look at the tally of…

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