A Warning To Canadian Horse Meat Consumers


*Note:  I would love to see this shared widely across China, Japan, France, Spain, Belgium, Slovenia, Tonga, Italy, Kazakhstan and all other countries that frequent horse meat in their diets.  I’m genuinely interested in their impressions regarding Canadian horse meat, how it is marketed to them and the safety of it.

So the thought occurred to me that maybe the people who eat “Canadian” horse meat, aren’t aware of what’s really on their plates.  Are they picturing wide open pastures with rolling green hills and horses leisurely grazing in the summer sun?  Grass fed, no pesticides and medication free?  Do they think our horses do this 365 days a year?


THERE ARE NO HORSE FARMS RAISING HORSE MEAT LIKE THIS IN NORTH AMERICA! In fact, there are no horse farms raising horse meat.  Period.

In North America, we have horses to ride, drive, race, jump, perform, compete, breed and to have as pets…

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