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From the Animal Advocate’s Toolbox – Making an Access to Information Request

May 29, 2014

Thinking about voting Con-servative? Research who you vote for…so much depends on it…


Canada governmentWritten by:  Heather Clemenceau

For the last few days I’ve been watching the 2014 Equine Summit held at Equine Advocates, on YouTube. Aside from the knowledge and quality of the speakers, one thing stood out for me – the sheer volume of information many of them have obtained by FOIA requests (in the US). While the information isn’t provided immediately, it’s incredibly informative, particularly when it comes to the activities of the BLM. Here in Canada, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition has used the process to expose the misfeasance of government inspectors at slaughterhouses, as well as reveal to the public the dire conditions under which horses,  including pregnant mares,  are shipped for slaughter. Recently, an ATI (Access to Information) request was completed in concert with an American advocate in the US, in order to “triangulate” the transit time for a shipment of horses made by Jeron Gold

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JBK Festival- Torture, Like In The Dark Ages- Anything Goes In The Equestrian Sport?

May 21, 2014

I ride bit-less…my horse goes into frame every time…without force…they will do it naturally…it takes time…these people are only interested in results…in the fastest way possible…using cruel methods…

Starstone/by Veronica Merlin

It’s been two days now, since I sent my pictures from the JBK Festival to DRF (Danish Equestrian Federation) and FEI. I have had no answer so far. Maybe they are busy. Maybe they are hoping that if they ignore me, I will go away. Maybe they don’t know what to answer me. Maybe I go straight to their spam file these days…

I do know that I have emailed with DRF before, about the vaccination rules amongst other things, and they have never before failed to give me a snotty reply within 24 hours. Mostly something along the lines of “Shut up and follow the rules, or don’t leave home with your horse…” So no, I never gave much for their diplomacy skills, but then again, I am sure they say the same about me. The point is though, I have never experienced that it has taken them this…

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Bill C-571

May 15, 2014

My MP Con-servative Bruce Stanton voted against this bill…he does not care if people eat toxic horse meat…

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog


Unfortunately, MP Alex Atamanenko’s Bill C-571 was defeated in the House of Commons today, with 102 votes in favour and 155 against.  All but two brave Conservative members towed the party line and took steps to vote against Bill C-571, and thus to vote against food safety and the humane treatment of horses.  Most Liberal and NDP members stood, as predicted, in support of the bill.  Our warmest thanks are extended to them, and to you, our supporters, who have spent countless hours lobbying for the enactment of this crucial piece of legislation.

It is important to remember that the horses have not lost.  A tremendous amount of public and political awareness has been raised as a result of MP Alex’s efforts.  2015 could easily see a welcome change in government, with a new party in power, and we’ll continue to work on political networking.  Until election time…

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