Equine Canada – Slaughter Promoters?

I know longer support Equine Canada & all their affiliates…we no longer show A circuit….

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

cropped-grof-feedlot1.jpg In 2010, Equine Canada released a study on the horse industry in Canada.  Some facts that came out of it are that the live horse industry contributes  375,248  full-time jobs to the economy and the total capital investment in the pleasure riding sector generates $3,727,568,223  to the economy, much more than the minute $90 Million that the slaughter industry generates for a small number of interests.

Also from the Equine Canada 2010 report: Canadian horse owners incur more than $6.5 Billion annually in expenses to maintain their horse operations which is spent supporting other local and national businesses.  More than $4.8 Billion is represented by unpaid labour provided by horse owners, or family members for the care of their horses.

Once a horse is slaughtered then that horse is gone, support for his care no longer contributes to the economy.

In the last debate on March 31st, one MP said…

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