Vote The @50millionmissin Campaign for the Katerva People’s Choice Award!

We are woman…we are strong


Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to inform you that The 50 Million Missing Campaign to end female gendercide in India was selected as a Finalist for the 2013 Katerva Award in the Gender Equality Category.  The Katerva Award highlights the most ground-breaking projects from around the world and has been referred to as “the Nobel Prize of Sustainability.”

Katerva also has the People’s Choice Award, where it invites the public to choose a finalists they feel has the most to offer the world. This is where we need your support!  PLEASE VOTE FOR The 50 Million Missing Campaign AS YOUR CHOICE for the People’s Choice Award.

TO VOTE CLICK HERE.  Then click on the red check mark on the center of the page. Voters will then be asked to login or to register. Voting is open from 7- 28 March, 2014.

Since its founding in 2006, The…

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