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Where Conscience Meets Capital: An Anthropologist Responds to PETA’s “Drugs and Death” Horse Racing Video Exposé

March 26, 2014

Everything about the sport of racing is taking it’s toll on ALL involved…time to clean this industry up once & for all…

When Rain and Sunlight Touch

Redemptive capital is not just about saving the horses or horse racing, it is about redeeming our relationship with horses and the larger-than-human world.  Redemptive capital is not just about saving the horses or horse racing, it is about redeeming our relationship with horses and the larger-than-human world.

I finally got the nerve to watch the latest PETA undercover investigation video about Thoroughbred racehorse trainer Steven Asmussen’s less-than-humane training practices. PETA has a history of launching anti-Thoroughbred horseracing campaigns in the lead-up to the Kentucky Derby, when the world’s eye trains on Churchill Downs in what Hunter S. Thompson described as “the whole doomed atavistic culture that makes the Kentucky Derby what it is.”

Whether or not the timing of this video was meant to color people’s perceptions of this “decadent and depraved” cultural phenomenon come the first Saturday in May is not my claim to stake.  But I will stake another kind of claim in response to PETA’s video, one based on my own anthropological research on Thoroughbred horse racing, and it comes…

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Video of horse slaughter industry in North and South America

March 20, 2014

posted this on Conservative Bruce Stanton’s facebook page..this video refutes everything he says about this vile horse slaughter industry…

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

new video Swiss animal advocacy group, Tierschutzbund, has an English language version of their recent video expose which can be viewed here .  We’re very pleased to see this excellent European exposure of the issues surrounding horse slaughter.

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Ag minister Ritz defends horsemeat industry

March 15, 2014

So typical of this Conservative government…always protecting the money interests instead of the welfare of people. The Conservative government has no compassion for the suffering of our war veterans, our elderly & our animals…nothing new out of the mouth of Ritz…same old….just a different pile.

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

ritz followup In response to Global TV’s 16X9 program last Saturday on the slaughter industry, Minister Ritz responded .

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Central Labor Council Can’t Talk Bill de Blasio Out of Banning Horse Carriages

March 12, 2014



Mayor Bill de Blasio. (Photo: Getty) Mayor Bill de Blasio. (Photo: Getty)

Many of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s top labor allies want the new mayor to reconsider banning horse-drawn carriages from city streets, but Mr. de Blasio insisted today he was not changing his mind. 

The mayor said that a letter from the Central Labor Council, a de Blasio-friendly umbrella group representing more than 1.3 million workers, would not persuade him to reconsider a ban. The letter called the carriage industry “iconic and thriving.”

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March for Premarin Horses Report

March 11, 2014

Say NO to pharmaceuticals made from the torture of horses….

Tuesday's Horse

Thank you to everyone participating and making this good news report possible.

March for Premarin Horses has gotten off to a tremendous start.

Last week we were stars on social media. We trended twice on Twitter last week. Great job all you re-tweeters.

We are also getting more shares on Facebook in one week than we have for a whole year. Again, great job.

Thank you. Let’s keep going. We have plenty of March left.

Please continue to like those posts, make comments and share everything. This drives important traffic. Can we trend again this week? You bet we can.

We are a few hundred dollars away from paying for the second of seven billboards we are targeting to put up in March. Can you help?

The billboards will be up for 6 to 12 months, depending on the contracts we can get.

Please make a donation to Premstoppers to…

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Vote The @50millionmissin Campaign for the Katerva People’s Choice Award!

March 8, 2014

We are woman…we are strong


Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to inform you that The 50 Million Missing Campaign to end female gendercide in India was selected as a Finalist for the 2013 Katerva Award in the Gender Equality Category.  The Katerva Award highlights the most ground-breaking projects from around the world and has been referred to as “the Nobel Prize of Sustainability.”

Katerva also has the People’s Choice Award, where it invites the public to choose a finalists they feel has the most to offer the world. This is where we need your support!  PLEASE VOTE FOR The 50 Million Missing Campaign AS YOUR CHOICE for the People’s Choice Award.

TO VOTE CLICK HERE.  Then click on the red check mark on the center of the page. Voters will then be asked to login or to register. Voting is open from 7- 28 March, 2014.

Since its founding in 2006, The…

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Atlanta Carriage Conference Highlights Huge Conflict of Interest for Police Department

March 8, 2014

Time to end this old-fashioned form of torture ….


Glitter on the toes cannot hide the fact that this horse is very underweight. Glitter on the toes cannot hide the fact that this Atlanta carriage horse is very underweight.

Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

Recently,  CONA  (Carriage Operators of North America) which is supposed to be a professional organization for carriage operators,  held their 2014 convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  CONA represents the interests of both special events livery operations as well as the hackline carriages in NYC and elsewhere, although now with two NYC Board of Directors, it would seem that the group’s interest is evolving more towards hackline operations.   Both Nottingham Shire & Carriage  and Fantasy Carriage of Atlanta run curbside operations waiting for fares in downtown Atlanta.  Neither carriage operator’s website depicts what the horse and carriage accommodations really look like, and the Fantasy Carriage website doesn’t even show a pic of a single horse.  There’s a good reason for that.

Complaints about these two operations include, but aren’t limited to…

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Reach thousands, save thousands with Premarin billboards

March 7, 2014

Say no to horse urine…

Tuesday's Horse

A major focus of the Premstoppers campaign is educating doctors and women.

First of all, thank you for sending the Dear Physician letter to all those women’s health doctors.

We always know when you are busy with this because of the calls and emails we get asking for more information. See the power of a letter. They still work.

I’ll tell you something else that seems old-fashioned and still works.

Billboards. We love billboards. They can be very powerful. And a good investment.

The “Warning! Premarin Contains Horse Urine” billboard is a real winner. We put them at medical centers near women’s hospitals if we can.

Our goal is now 25. We now have 11 thanks to our last Premstoppers shout out. Will you help?

Reports say that 9 million women are taking Premarin.

Women taking Premarin is what puts mares on the “pee lines” and foal meat on the…

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Liam Neeson – High-Horse Hypocrite

March 1, 2014

Never was a fan…absolutely no chance of it now. It was so unnecessary to eat a wolf…he is a bully with no imagination. He can not imagine what it is like for those horses working in that traffic all their lives…someone needs to ask him how much he would like to be stuck in traffic in all kinds of weather every day. …..for someones else’s pleasure.


hollywood hypocrisy

Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

Let’s face it, Schindler’s List would not have been the same calibre movie with say, Kevin Costner in the lead role.  Liam Neeson is a commanding presence and a great actor. But I’m not feelin’ Mr. Neeson any longer, and don’t see myself watching any more of his movies.  Truthfully, I think he’s a bit of a doofus.

The_Grey_PosterNeeson fell out of favour with me starting with his role preparation for the movie “The Grey,” filmed in Canada with British Columbia subbing in for Alaska.  While other actors may prepare for a role in harsh climate or conditions by showering every day for 10 minutes in a cold shower, Neeson prepped for role immersion by eating the meat of a trapped wolf.  At a press conference to promote the movie, Neeson, who was born in County Antrim, said that while some cast members had been…

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