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Sydney Weaver claims horse back in Hamilton race

February 26, 2014

The business is a flip business,” he told her…unquote…Here’s hoping that this story helps change this flip business…so glad her horse is back home.

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 From the Toronto Star:
By:   Katie Daubs  GTA, Published on Sun Feb 23 2014

SydneyFlamboro Downs is a grey place on a winter night. Inside the grandstand, older men pore over the program. A couple clasps hands as Standardbred Roberto crosses the finish line.

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Dead or Likely Dead, 2014

February 25, 2014

Dead or Likely Dead, 2014.

Meet Troy Mader – The New “Slaughterhouse Sue”

February 19, 2014

How do these people get to control the lives of so many? They do it so badly!


Shot by Knight rifle From the Knight Muzzleloading Rifle Facebook album

Written By:  Heather Clemenceau

To say that Wyoming is a conservative state probably doesn’t even begin to capture it. Republicans hold nearly every elected office, and gun ownership and hunting are as much a part of a their cherished way of life as are ranching and rodeo. Just like Sue Wallis, who was often touted as a horse industry expert despite not owning any horses, her replacement for House District 52 in Wyoming seems to have an embellished C.V. as well. Troy Mader is occasionally put forth as a “scientist” who is an expert on wolves and other species of animals, not to mention AIDS, while he appears to have completed only 1 1/2 years of university in an unknown field of study.

In her support for same-sex civil unions,  medical marijuana,  and abortion,  some of Wallis’ measures seemed at home in liberal…

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New Report Exposes Trafficking Rings in Egypt’s Sinai

February 14, 2014

Is anyone with the power to stop this doing anything? I think not….so sad!


Photo by Leyland Cecco

By John Beck on December 12, 2013—
“In Egypt’s increasingly lawless peninsula, criminal gangs are kidnapping African migrants and subjecting them to horrific abuse for steep ransoms. A new report exposes the terror.

The horrors experienced by victims of human trafficking in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula are almost unimaginable. Held in ‘torture camps’ run by gang leaders, they are systematically subjected to physical abuse and sexual violence by their captors in a bid to exhort money from family at home and abroad. Many die or are killed. Others escape, only to be detained by Egyptian security forces, held in detention facilities and subsequently deported. A lucky few reach Cairo. It is rarely the sanctuary one might expect.

The lawless nature of the restive peninsular region makes the scale of the problem hard to gauge, but by most estimates the numbers are huge. A draft report entitled “The…

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An Open Letter to the Associated Press

February 4, 2014

An Open Letter to the Associated Press.