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A Comprehensive Resource for At-Risk Horses – Compiled by Equine Advocate Linda Horn

January 19, 2014

As always …a very informative article.


The_Thinker_Auguste_RodinThis comprehensive body of work produced by equine advocate Linda Horn arose as a result of commentary by U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, who stated that Congress should come up with a better solution for unwanted horses.  Instead of slaughtering non-food animals for human consumption, he said that there needs to be a “a third way” to deal with horse problems instead of killing.  When Congress lifted the ban on horse slaughter for human consumption, five pending applications were filed.  The USDA preferred that the ban be renewed instead.

Of course, Congressman Jim Moran, Northern Virginia Democrat and co-chair of the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus, appealed to Vilsack calling on the USDA to deny permit applications for horse slaughter facilities, citing concerns with the cost and safety of the practice. His letter highlighted the negative economic impact that horse slaughter could have on the meat industry,  after the EU…

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Car Hits 6 Horses at Freehold

January 13, 2014

Car Hits 6 Horses at Freehold.

Jan 6th-Jan 12th: 24 Horses Down

January 13, 2014

Jan 6th-Jan 12th: 24 Horses Down.

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party, Sends Supportive Message re: Bill C-322

January 12, 2014

Elizabeth May…Canada’s hardest working politician…thank you for all you do for Canadians & for making Canada a place to be proud to live in…..

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

Elizabeth MayCHDC continues to receive support from politicians regarding Bill C-322.  Your letters,  emails,  and postcards are producing positive results!

Please see the attached email sent from Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada,  and MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands,  who writes to one of our supporters:

Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2014
Subject: RE: Support Bill C-322

“Thank you for your email regarding Bill C-322, An Act to amend the Health of Animals Act and the Meat Inspection Act (slaughter of horses for human consumption).  We support this bill and oppose the continued slaughter of horses in Canada, especially considering the drugs administered to the horses that are not in accordance with food safety regulations required for other animals in Canada.

While the United States moved ahead and banned in 2006 the slaughter of horses for food, it still is legal to ship horses outside the country to be killed…

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Deadly to Horses: The Baffert Effect – Part 1

January 12, 2014

Horses continue to suffer in GREAT numbers while the systematic corruption goes on…racing to me has become the sport of You always hurt the one you love….if you can call it love. If you really loved your horse it would never race sore, race drugged, race on a sloppy track, carry too much weight, raced at an early age….& on & on & on.

Tuesday's Horse


An article written by Bill Dwyre last month in the Los Angeles Times absurdly glorifies Thoroughbred horse racing’s poster boy; “Horse racing has problems, but trainer Bob Baffert isn’t one of them”.


Bob Baffert is the Hall of Fame trainer with the largest racing stable in California, and more recently under the microscope for the mysterious “sudden deaths” due to cardiovascular/pulmonary failures of seven race horses over the course of several months (November 4, 2011 through March 14, 2013).

See The Blood-Horse at

What is particularly disturbing about these deaths is that by all accounts sudden death failures are a relatively rare occurrence, according to trainers and track veterinarians.

“A study published in 2010 in the Equine Veterinary Journal on sudden death in racing Thoroughbreds found it was responsible for 9% of fatalities in California. This same study showed 96 reported…

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