Freedom is just a fantasy if you live in fear!


Where the Mind is Without Fear‘ is a famous poem that the great Indian poet and Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, had written in 1901 to inspire India’s Freedom Movement.  Tagore believed that India’s fight was not just against British colonial rule.   But this fight for freedom and democracy for all its citizens had also had to be fought within, against its own social structures and cultures.

In 20 years, 20% of women will have been exterminated from India, subject to every form of misogyny and violence, before and after birth (see this).  For too long, we’ve kept silent and borne this violence like we were taught to.  For too long, we’ve allowed customs, culture, religion, class, family, caste, and government to imprison us in this cage of violence and fear! No more!

The December 2012 protests that started in Delhi, and spread…

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