All I can do is cry…Bruce Stanton & the rest of the Conservative Government of Canada think it is ok to inhumanly slaughter these friendly COMPANION to put on someone’s plate for money. Equine Canda is MUTE on the subject….what a betrayal!

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On another trip to document the horses in the back feedlot at the Grof property in Lindsay,ON, the peacefulness of the day belied the reality of the situation.

Birds sang, the sun shone and a warm breeze blew, but it did little to mask the truth of the situation.  The dangerous, prison-like fencing, the fresh spring grass just out of reach.

Doomed horses of all breeds, ages and sizes – all with the same destination in common – the Richelieu Meats horse slaughter plant in Quebec.

The majority are draft types, with Belgians being the most common.  Also a group of 6 or more grey Percherons are there.

One beautiful Clyde or Clyde cross, with flowing mane and forelock – so long, it hides her eyes from view – nuzzles her companion.

There are surprisingly some horses that were previously seen here in early April – a Pinto or young Paint…

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