Canada’s 42nd Parliament

November 30, 2015

Support anti-slaughter legislation-keep horses safe! #Yes2Safe

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

When the 42nd parliament opens on December 3, all Members of Parliament in Canada’s new government will have something to ponder in their mail boxes.  The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition recently sent all MPs this post card below to both acquaint them and remind them of Canada’s horse slaughter industry.


It is extremely important that each and everyone of us also take a few minutes to email respective Members of Parliament.  If you don’t know who your representative is, you can find who they are here.

It is also important that you meet with your MP as well, if possible.  Tell them you do not support Canada’s horse slaughter industry and do not want your tax dollars funding this cruel and unsafe practice.  You are welcome to use any of the CHDC’s links and investigations found on our web page, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Remember – if…

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New Toronto Eatery “Parcae” Offering Horsemeat And Other Cruel Specialties

November 23, 2015

You are what you eat…


Banksy slaughterhouseWritten By:  Heather Clemenceau

As an Anglophone from Quebec, it’s sometimes second nature to make fun of Quebecois chefs who not only make endorsements for eating horse in particular, but also promote other rather disgusting, gross, or cruelly derived animal products. Toronto restaurants in particular, are well known for flouting food safety regulations for the sake of flavour – raw horse and pork are readily available, even though Ontario’s Health Protection and Promotion Act, frowns on raw meat in general, and requires that pork in particular must be served well-done.

The Templar Hotel has a new resto – Parcae, serving horse, bone marrow, sea urchin, and other notably and unapologetically cruel foods. The restaurant follows the “nose to tail,” method of preparing their cuisine, which has been said to include “everything but the oink.” Naturally, places such as this appeal to nihilistic gastromaniacs who like to patronize restaurants based on Instagram pics. Somewhat…

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Time for Change, Time for Hope

October 20, 2015

With Harper GONE there is real hope horse slaughter will end in Canada. Justine Trudeau loves horses.

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

1475823_225004037680320_1135087019_nA Liberal firestorm swept the country last night as voters joined a nation-wide effort to rid Canada of Stephen Harper’s dictatorial rule.  “Stop Harper” became a topic of conversation in the months and weeks leading up to one of the most memorable election nights in Canadian history.  Indeed, the voting public managed to put an end to a stubborn and frankly scary regime that appeared to be swallowing up more and more of our rights as Conservative policies were hammered into place over the years. 
Environmental and animal welfare concerns were definitely not on Mr. Harper’s to-be-considered list, and this fact reared its ugly head numerous times.  When Member of Parliament Alex Atamanenko introduced a bill that would have stopped horse slaughter, as well as the export of live horses for slaughter, the Conservatives were largely opposed.  Then, when Bill C-571 came up for a vote in May 2014, all…

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Safe Food! Safe Horses! Join The March2DC – September 29th

September 25, 2015


horse drugsWritten by:  Heather Clemenceau,  with files from Nancy Watson

Each year spent fighting horse slaughter is proof enough that we live in a time of war – a constant struggle to maintain the de- facto ban on domestic horse slaughter in the U.S. We saw how corruptible and falsifiable equine passports were during the EU lasagna adulteration scandal two years ago, where meat has for years been extruded through a supply system that could hardly be more opaque, and foreign gangsters and mafia were secretly adulterating the food supply with profit as the main incentive.

Henry Skjerven, former director of Natural Valley Farms (defunct horse slaughterhouse) in Saskatchewan, Canada said:

“US and Canada were never geared for raising horses for food consumption. The system as it stood when we were killing horses was in no way, shape or form, safe, in my opinion.

We did not know where those horses…

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2-Year-Old Receives “Hard Whipping,” is “Put to Very Hard Punishment”

August 25, 2015

Horseracing Wrongs

Most of the time, the racing industry deflects, distracts, spins, and deceives. But every once in a while, some raw truth finds its way to the surface. Witness this from Equibase’s account of 2-year-old (a child) Sky Devil’s run at Presque Isle Sunday – his first-ever race, by the way:

short note – “hard whipping”; long note – “bumped hard at the start, angled out and rushed between horses, angled out sharply in the final furlong and was put to very hard punishment.” This, for a 5th-place finish, 8+ lengths off the pace.

Rationalize that, apologists.

images (7)

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Falling Through the Cracks: How Good Horses End Up in Bad Places

August 15, 2015

So sad to think that a Budweiser draft horse could end up at an auction frequented by kill buyers…

Draft Horse Rescue Resource

On Monday, August 10th, 2015, Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue was notified by a supporter that a neglected and malnourished Clydesdale gelding was at the notorious killer auction in New Holland, Pennsylvania. The rescue responded immediately and the horse, now called Duke, was purchased and transported to CT for rehab.

Duke the former Budweiser Clydesdale, rescued in neglected condition from New Holland auction on 8/10/15. Duke the former Budweiser Clydesdale, rescued in neglected condition from New Holland auction on 8/10/15.

Two days later, it was confirmed that Duke was once one of the famed Budweiser Clydesdales, who had been sold several years back to a private individual. We may never know Duke’s journey from equine royalty to killpen nobody, but his tale is a cautionary one for anyone who believes that great bloodlines or accomplishments will, in and of themselves, protect a horse throughout their lives. I’d like to relay the stories of a few horses that were not as lucky as Duke.

1986 Kentucky Derby winner, Ferdinand 1986 Kentucky Derby winner, Ferdinand

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Urgent Petition – Insist That Atlas Air End Transport Of Horses To Japan For Slaughter

August 14, 2015

Shame on Canada…Japan & Atlas Air for allowing this horse named Ambassador for becoming someone’s food…horses are our companion animals…not our food

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

16 086 Ambassador – a beautiful young horse destined to become meat in Japan, as seen on feedlot.

We don’t know whether Ambassador was born in Canada or the United States.  What we do know is that he was shipped by air to Japan for slaughter earlier this year.

Like all foals, his life began in the tender care of his mother whose protective instincts would have prompted her to do anything to protect her baby.  His soft ears perked up at the sound of his mother’s nicker as she tenderly encouraged him to stand and wobble about for the first time.  Hungrily, he guzzled her rich, warm milk.  He loved the spring sun on his back and the wind stirring his short, infant mane as he learned to gallop.  With the passing months, he grew faster and stronger and was soon easily able to keep up with his mother as they…

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Horse Milk “Farmers” Censored by Advertising Standards Canada

August 5, 2015



You just need to be a flea against injustice. Enough committed fleas biting strategically can make even the biggest dog uncomfortable” – Marian Wright Edelman

Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

In our internet travels we often come across examples of either accidental errors or deliberate attempts to mislead the public. As per a blog post by the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition, Spa Creek Ranch, located in Salmon Arm British Columbia, was producing horse milk products.  According to their website:

“In Europe, unpasteurized mare’s milk is used for health purposes, because our skin is our largest organ, it [the cream] penetrates through the skin and helps that way.”


“Horse milk contains many easy absorbable [sic] vitamins; it gives the skin resistance and increases the blood flow.”

An advertisement in the Warm Blood Breeder’s Digest (page 8/9) claims that the milk products “gives energy to cancer patients”  and that the…

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AQHA Political Action Committee Sets Goal to Derail S.A.F.E. Act Despite Huge Losses

July 21, 2015

It is a win, win situation for these organizations to support horse slaughter…they will get money for all the non-champions that they breed…


money-bag-filled-with-moneyWritten by:  Heather Clemenceau

It’s no secret that the AQHA, the largest non-profit breed association in the world, takes the most destructive and inhumane approach to horse slaughter of any of the breed groups. On the one hand, they have a Mission Statement to ensure the American Quarter Horse is treated humanely, with dignity, respect and compassion at all times. However, the world’s largest breed registry needs a system to make room for the continuing mass production, hence their business model is to breed as many horses as possible (thus maintaining new memberships and registrations thus ensuring that they are a self-perpetuating entity) while discarding older  or surplus horses and horses with undesirable conformation to slaughter plants.

The AQHA also has a less-well known political action committee – AQHPAC which has set a goal of raising $250,000 by the 2016 elections, in part to fight the malicious…

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Never before released video footage of a shipment of live draft horses arriving in Japan

July 13, 2015

The Con-servatives support the live shipment of Canadian horses to Japan…to be eaten RAW….heave Steve & research who you vote for…The Japanese government was also feeding mercury laden dolphin meat to school children…ANYTHING for a $$$$$$

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

As a follow up to our recently released information on the live draft horse shipments out of Calgary, Alberta, we are releasing this footage that has not been in general release until now.

This footage was taken in January and March 2015.  In the first segment we see 4 horses being loaded into a crate in Calgary that’s designed for three and which is against Canada’s Health of Animals regulations.  You can see the specific sections here (140.1 and 141.8)

We then see the unloading in Japan and can clearly see the crates that the horses have been confined in for many, many hours as well as the typical rough handling that is endemic in this industry.

We must also ask why the horses are not being led in one at a time rather than stampeding into the crates given that they all have halters on.  You would think that…

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